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Larkin Veterinary Center

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About Us

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About Larkin Veterinary Center

Dr. Larkin established Larkin Veterinary Center in November of 1997. Since then the practice has expanded three times and gone from one doctor to five. Our latest expansion allowed us to truly design a hospital that is completely centered on our patient’s comfort and care.

Our new renovations are designed from front to back all for your pet. Our separate dog and cat lobbies help keep our patients more relaxed around their own species. Each exam room is designed for calm including relaxing colors, pheromone diffusers, and specially composed music. We have several Fear Free Certified nurses on staff to help your pet during his or her visit.

The treatment room at Larkin allows us to practice the highest quality medicine as recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association. Our treatment room is open and airy with a built-in pharmacy, lab, and surgical preparation areas. A bank of kennels allows sedated, recovery, and hospitalized patients to be in view of the staff at all times.

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Our state-of-the-art surgical and dental suites are a great match for our top-of-the-line anesthesia and pain management protocols. The radiology and dental suites both feature digital radiography for quick work of X-rays. The new large radiology suite also makes ultrasound a breeze and less frightening for pets.Lastly, there is our brand new Feline Boarding Room. It features all double kennels for extra space for your feline friends. Each cat gets playtime outside of the kennel daily. The boarding room is in view of our staff areas and we love to stop in and give attention to all our boarders. The boarding room is so comfortable for our feline friends, that more than 90% of the cats boarded in it so far have settled in within the first two hours! It is just that comfortable.

We hope you stop in to visit us soon with your four-legged family members. We cannot wait to meet them and welcome them into the Larkin family!