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Larkin Veterinary Center Team photo
Nina Mann at West Lawn animal hospital

Hospital Manager

I joined Larkin Veterinary Center in October 2014 after moving from southern New Jersey to Pennsylvania. I have a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science from Delaware Valley College (now University) with a specialty in pre-veterinary medicine. After deciding not to go the vet school route, I settled on a different path in veterinary medicine. I started my career with two years as an emergency veterinary nurse, then six years as a Practice Manager at another hospital prior to coming to LVC. I consider the best part of my job to be helping to nurture the animal-human bond, educating clients to help keep pets healthy and families together longer. I have many pets of my own including 2 welsh corgis, Tucker and Madison, 2 rabbits, 4 chinchillas, and my horse Critter. When I am not at work I can usually be found at the barn spending time with or showing my horse, working on renovating my house, reading, or playing with my many pets.  

Tiffany Boshears at West Lawn animal hospital

Office supervisor, Client Care Specialist

Hi I am Bridget, proud pet parent of Finnigan, my collie. I joined Dr. Larkin when she was still doing house calls around Berks County back in 1997 and followed her assisting in the opening of LVC and am a proud member of the LVC team ever since! In 2003, I became the office supervisor. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and my dogs. I love going to the beach in Florida, visiting Disneyworld and going to dog shows. I am passionate about supporting our dental program for pets, and providing individual attention to our clients and their pets in a friendly and sincere manner. I am excited about paw plans our wellness program because it offers our pet parents the opportunity to provide excellent wellness care for their pets at affordable prices!

Administrative Assistant, Client Care Specialist

Hi I am Melissa, administrative assistant and client care specialist. I joined the Larkin Veterinary Center team in 2003! I am passionate about customer service and educating our clients about wellness issues that can add years and or quality to their pet’s lives! I have 2 pit bulls, Ally and Bull. Ally is a senior now, which is hard to believe since I adopted her from the Animal Rescue League when she was only 8 weeks old and 6 whole pounds! I’m very passionate about advocating for all animals but have a special place in my heart for pit bulls. I am committed to educating people about the breed and all of their positive characteristics! I also share my home with 4 cats, Tigger, Tonka, K.C. and Princess Cupcake. I am also a mother of a lively son named Jace, who enjoys helping me with all my pets.

Technician Supervisor

I joined Larkin Vet Center in October 2015 after moving to the state of Pennsylvania. I was really excited to join a team so dedicated to the field of veterinary medicine. I have been in the industry since 2007 and my passion is making sure that pet owners have the education, advice, and tools that they need to help their pets live a long, healthy life. I have three cats of my own, Kevin, Trevor, and Harley and hope someday to add a very big dog to the mix! When not at LVC, I can be found raising my nephew and three nieces, and taking them on lots of adventures.

Client Care Specialists


Briney Asbury at West Lawn Animal HospitalI have been a Client Care Specialist with Larkin Veterinary Center since 2008 after moving back to Berks County from Florida. I enjoy speaking with clients about their pet’s medical needs, as well as educating new pet owners. My pet family includes a boxer, Grace, and cats, Cosmo, Mosby, and Tux. I ride horses in my spare time. Additionally, I love spending time with my grandson, Codie.


Steve Burch at West Lawn Animal HospitalI have been with LVC since September of 2014. I really enjoy talking with our clients about their pets and helping to run our online store. I have two cats at home Nemo and Olive, as well as a rat terrier named Lexi. When I am not at work I can usually be found spending time with my horse.

Certified Veterinary Technicians


Heidi Campbell at West Lawn Animal HospitalMy name is Carolyn and I came to LVC in May of 2015. I am a certified veterinary technician who went to school and started my career in central-western Pennsylvania. I am originally from this area and decided to move back a few years after graduating and getting my certification. A few months after starting at Larkin, I adopted my first pet since moving back home, an older cat named Mischief.


Kiana Grabner at West Lawn Animal HospitalHI my name is Cheryl. I moved from northeast Ohio to join the LVC team in November 2014. I am a certified veterinary technician and earned my degree at Stautzenberger College in Brecksville, Ohio in December 2013. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education which I earned at Unity College in Maine in May 2011. I have always been passionate about animals. One of my favorite things about my job is educating our clients about preventative veterinary care. I am the proud pet parent of a dog (Allie Mae) and two cats (Loki and Spooky). Allie is a black and tan coonhound with limitless energy, who loves everyone. Loki is a big, loveable Maine Coon. Spooky is a white domestic shorthair who was born deaf, but that doesn’t slow her down. Outside of work I enjoy reading, going to movies, rising horses, attending renaissance fairs, listening to music, karaoke, ghost hunting, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.


Christa Harding at West Lawn Animal HospitalI have been with the LVC team since August 2014. I earned my degree in Veterinary Technology from LeGaurdia Community College and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in the state of New York. I moved from New York to Pennsylvania and joined Larkin Veterinary Center a few years after. I live with my two chihuahuas, Marteeni and Mojito, as well as my cats Fred and Leihlah.


Scarlett LeBow at West Lawn Animal HospitalI am a certified veterinary technician. I spent four years in Tennessee getting my education and certification and just recently relocated back home to this area to start my career. I came to Larkin Veterinary Center in February of 2015 and enjoy working in both the exam rooms and in surgery. I have two pets of my own, mini dachshund named Buster and my bearded Dragon named Smaug.

Veterinary Nurses


Emily Heckel at West Lawn Animal HospitalI have been with LVC since early 2014. Prior to coming here I had over 18 years of experience with two other veterinary hospitals. I have two beautiful Boston girls and 5 cats of varying lineage, three boy kitties and two girls. Also at my “ark” I have 2 birds, Tom and Petri, along with over 100 fish in my pond. My human family consists of 2 daughters (Beth and Kate) and 1 fabulous grandson (Chase).


Michael Kelty at West Lawn Animal HospitalHi! I am Holly and I came to Larkin Vet Center in July of 2015. I earned my bachelors degree from the College of New Jersey in marketing, but decided to take a slightly different career path after moving back home to PA. I love working with animals and even worked as a dog walker when I was still in New Jersey. I work as an outpatient nurse here at LVC and really enjoy seeing the different pets and meeting their human families.


Callie Michaud at West Lawn Animal HospitalHi I am Suzanne, I am an outpatient nurse. I started at Larkin Vet in the spring of 2012! Before joining LVC's team, I was the manager of Pet Care at Pet Smart where I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience about caring for pets and their people! I have a passion for exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, rodents and fish. I also love cats. I share my home with 2 cats Samson and Delilah, Niko my bird, a lizard and a snake and fish. My cats are seniors and one has chronic kidney issues that I am able to manage through dietary intervention and administering subcutaneous fluids weekly.

Kennel Assistants


Patricia Hodges at West Lawn Animal HospitalI have been with LVC since early 2015. My job here at Larkin is to make sure that your pet is safe, comfortable, and clean while they visit here. I also work on the information packets that we send home for owner education. I have a cat of my own, named Snowball.

Hospital Cats

Baby and Serafina

We cannot forget these two lovely ladies! Our two resident hospital cats live here at LVC and have very important jobs, or at least they think so. Baby has been with LVC since 2010 and enjoys her life of luxury in the pharmacy area of the hospital where she spends 95% of her time sleeping under the technician desk. Since pharmacy is located just outside of our feline ward, having Baby around can often calm our hospitalized cats and make their visit less stressful. Serafina came to live at LVC in 2015 as a rambunctious 11 month old (approximately). She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to spend time cuddling with the staff.  Serafina spends most of her time in the business office with our hospital manager, bouncing off of every surface she can find. Occasionally, you might get to see her in the lobby, often being carried around by a staff member.